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Update: Equifax postpones launch of Enhanced Broker Credit Report

The launch of the Enhanced Credit Bureau Report has been postponed. All other dates remain the same and if you haven’t done so already action is needed by all Brokerages to ensure uninterrupted access to the sharing of credit bureau data with eligible Lenders.

If you have any questions please contact your Equifax Sales Account Executive or Global Business Services at 1-877-227-8800 or email

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Filogix – Your Trusted Connectivity Provider

On March 20th 2020, through proactive network monitoring, our IT security and risk teams successfully detected an unknown actor on our network.  As soon as the intrusion was detected, we began work to contain it, and brought in leading cybersecurity partners to assist us with investigating, containing and mitigating the threat.   While this analysis of our systems was being undertaken, we made the difficult, but necessary, decision to temporarily disconnect our servers from external traffic, to deny the unknown actor access while we conducted a thorough review.

At this time, we have no evidence that any customer data was accessed or exfiltrated, nor do we believe our clients’ networks were impacted.  No customers running software in their own environments were affected.  We believe that by moving rapidly, and taking these proactive but extreme measures, we were able to successfully contain the threat, secure our network and protect our clients’ data.

Our systems have been restored; and as your trusted connectivity provider, we remain committed to providing you our mortgage industry partners with a strong, safe and reliable ecosystem.  To this end, we have taken a number of additional protective measures to bolster our security, ensuring our network and customer data is safe and secure. 

Filogix remains committed to providing you with industry leading secure connectivity solutions that continue to allow you to run your business your way, from your platform of choice.

If you have additional questions, please consult our FAQs.

Thank you for your continued support.

9 Jan 2020

Please be advised that a new release of Expert will be launched this weekend. The update process will start at 12:01 AM ET, Sunday, January 12, and will be completed no later than 6:00 AM ET, Sunday, January 12. Please...

13 Jun 2019

Please be advised that a new release of Expert will be launched this weekend. The update process will start at 9:01 PM ET, Saturday, June 15, and will be completed no later than 6:00 AM ET, Sunday, June 16. Please...

March 26 Update

In this hectic time people are working later into the evening trying to balance work and family.  To assist through a busy month end our Filogix Expert client services team will be extending the support hours of our toll free line 1 800 732 5638 until 10 pm EST weekdays until April 1.

Filogix Update

Filogix Expert services are operational and you can now login to Expert to resume working.  Please visit Expert FAQs for a series of FAQs to common questions you are likely to have. 

March 23 Filogix Update (10pm ET)

This evening we achieved a significant milestone in our restoration efforts.  While this has been a difficult time for our industry, we are in the final stretches and expect our effort tonight to complete the Filogix return to service on the morning of March 24th. 

March 23 Filogix Update (Third Update)

This afternoon our work continues to complete final testing to ensure successful reactivation of Filogix services.  Once this testing is complete we will be able to restore login access to Expert.  Our next status update will be 10 pm EST.

Please continue to visit for updates.